My Eureka Moment


Bringing a new life into this world is one of the most amazing, most beautiful things. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, to the day I gave birth, the one thought that never left my mind is that I want to give the very best of me and all the world has to offer to my child. When it came to material things, I was ready and willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to provide all the products and toys and cool baby equipment for my baby’s comfort and happiness. Before I could pause to reflect on what I was actually doing, I was long caught in a consumption frenzy. Our living space quickly transformed into a baby heaven and our entire world became centered on our baby’s world.

It’s amazing how much of an expert I became on baby brands and products, having never paid attention to these things before. Fast forward a few months and my baby started to grow. In another few months, many of the premium goods I had invested in had lost their usefulness or relevance or worse, both. It was at this point, that as a mom and as a business woman, I had “My Eureka Moment.”


Here are some universal truths that I confronted: i) Babies are super cute and they grow super fast ii) No one brand fits all babies iii) Everyday a new innovative product comes on the market. It’s impossible to buy it all iv) kids lose interest in toys quickly with no regard for how expensive they are v) Baby fashion is adorable, but extremely transitory which brings us right back to point i).

Over the last 5 years the notion of shared economy has caught on. From shared rides to shared living, collaborative consumption has many positive attributes, not the least of which is the positive financial impact or the convenience it provides. With this backdrop, Criblis provides a platform built on the values of collaborative, waste-free consumption, centered on parenting and the world of kids. Through the entire life cycle, from pregnancy to childhood, we are building a community of parents who understand the value and ROI of smart, collaborative consumption.

Can you imagine earning real cash, from owning something you already bought that you no longer need….that crib, or stroller for example? Can you imagine needing something for an experience or vacation …baby skii/winter gear and long-distance car seat for those 5 days in Park City perhaps? Are you getting the picture? LIST IT / RENT IT ON Criblis!

You can also discover premium and unique baby brands and products from a set of highly curated boutiques. Now BUYING kids gear and products become even more interesting and it’s all in one App – The Criblis App. To come full circle on the waste-free value proposition, we have a SELL portal, so any mom (or dad) could become an entrepreneur / business owner by SELLING new and gently used products on Criblis. How does this all sound? We would be thrilled to help you get started!

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