Summertime sadness

 In some parts of the country families spend all year longing for summer. It’s that special time when the days are longer, it’s nice and bright out, the warmth from the sun contrasts with a nice sea breeze…

The kids are out of school and it feels like the time to make memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. That part of the country is certainly not Miami!
  2. That statement is certainly more romantic than realistic unless you work for a European company who follows Euro vacation culture, in like, Maine.

For us down here in SoFla it’s humid, it’s sticky, it’s full of mosquitoes, the days start too early (and so does the kids’ biological wakeup alarm) and we have to decide what the heck to do with hyperactive kids while we can’t (and probably don’t want to) take time off when we have the rest of a perfectly nice year to enjoy.

Then MOM GUILT comes in banging!

To summer camp or not to summer camp?

Last year I had zero second thoughts, my daughter went straight from regular school to the summer program and had a ton of fun with it. She was at an age where there was not that much difference (I imagine) between the ‘academic school year’ and the ‘summer program’… I mean how academic does a toddler get?

This year it feels totally different. A couple of months ago I found a school that focuses on language teaching in a program called Mandarin immersion and I thought that was genius. The only problem is that they are 7 mile away from me, which in Miami traffic can mean 40 minutes. Summer traffic is supposed to be better so we braved up and enrolled her.

Now that it has started I find myself, for the very first time, wishing these months off school were a time for us to enjoy.

First of all, if you have a recently turned three year old you’ll understand: this is the absolute cutest, most adorable age ever. She’s completely changed over the last couple of months and is now a full- fledged mini person with a well establish personality, really funny comments and unending love to give. I don’t even think my husband, in the highest of the infatuation dating days, was this loving.

So half of me really wants her to get on with the program, do summer school to learn mandarin and the other half wants to pick her up right now and take her to the mountains, the lakes, the beach (somewhere with more civilized temperatures) and create those hallmark memories.

I know time flies, I can’t believe she’s three and I desperately want to hang out with her more now that she’s super fun and still adores me 😉

So that’s the dilemma of a mompreneur who technically has no summers off, but could find some flexibility and struggles to watch her baby grow up so fast.

What’s your verdict – to summer camp or not to summer camp?

How academic do you get with summer programs? Do you prefer specific themed camps vs. all around camps? Is it the time to develop a new skill or just to have fun?

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