Why So Many Women…


Why So Many Women are Leaving the Corporate World…. And Becoming ‘MOMPRENEURS’?

One of the most inspirational people I have met in the last 12 months is a corporate recruiter, turned stay-at-home-mom, turned mompreneur. Her journey is one that will make you re-think the whole concept of work/life balance.

Society as a whole, has been grappling with this concept of work-life balance for as long as I have been alive. This is such a persistent topic that permeates our entire existence in the western world, and especially in American society. On the one hand you have a strong spirit of feminist movement encouraging girls and women that they have the right to decide their futures and destinies ; that they really should dream like men and that they should demand equal everything, because as Oprah said in her famous Oscar speech #Timesup. On the other hand, you have women leaving the workforce in droves, many after they become wives, most after they become mother’s – all leaving the corporate world behind.

Anna’s mompreneur journey started accidentally. After having her first child, she decided that she wanted to extend her maternity leave, so she could be present for her daughter. After six months, she decided to re-enter the corporate world. The adjustment she found was more difficult than she had anticipated and after just 2.5 months she reduced her work term to part-time. That went on for another couple of months. When her baby girl turned 1 year old, she spent a couple thousand dollars and couple dozen hours, creating the most amazing party, that lasted for 3 hours, 3 breath taking hours that her daughter likely won’t remember. I know what you are thinking…us parents have all been there. Nonetheless, a beautiful surprise came out of this. Anna had an epiphany to start a party planning and catering company. The more she reviewed the market opportunity, the more she became convinced that this is what she should be doing. The following week she gave her notice, and the rest is history. Now if there’s one big issue for small businesses to get traction is the dollars necessary to get in front of the people who need to know they exist. Criblis is the place for parents like Anna to display their premium kids’ businesses in front of the perfect audience.

Being a mompreneur is a great way to monetize hidden talents and make money from things you have already invested in. Having a career, that is driven by you, with your interests and passions at the center of it all is arguably one of the best ways to create work -life balance as a mom/parent. Anna’s story is not that unusual. I’m sure many of the mom’s reading this can relate to one aspect or the other. What is terrific about all this is that Criblis is making it easier for businesses like Anna’s, that’s born out of necessity and passion, to be replicated 1000 times over. Not only do we provide the technology that is easy to navigate, we also have awesome customer support. We also invest tremendously in marketing on the various channels so you have one less thing to worry about and one less cost hitting your bottom line as a mompreneur / small business owner. It’s simply a win-win. Contact us to learn more.